Aaaargh!! I didn’t realise I was behind by a whole episode!!! Writing & watching like mad now!!! >_<

My impression of this episode: WOAH!! More YURI pairings!! I like the sound of that!! haha

(a) Hisa and Mihoko (Missing one-eyed girl)

But I’m not a fan of Mihoko and her school so I’ll ignore that… =P I actually feel tired just looking at her keeping one eye closed all the time!! And the uniform isn’t really cute. =P haha But looking at Hisa’s reaction, not much potential here!

Saki Ep12a

(b) Hajime x Hisa

Then there’s Hajime falling for Hisa!!! hohoho That was a bit unexpected and she suddenly looked quite cute!! Hmm…will this go anywhere further?!

Saki Ep12b

(c) Hajime and Touka!!

Ooooh! Blushes!!! I also LOOOOOVE Touka’s awkwardness!! kekekeke To think they could make a blush scene out of “chains”?!?! They blow me away!! haha Looks like Hajime is more “involved” with Touka! Sorry Hisa! Maybe next time!!

Saki Ep12c

Again, (how many times have I said this), I can’t help but say that I find Koromo absolutely ADORABLE!!! SO KAWAIII!!!! Must be those damn bunny ears!!! hahaha Oh and she’s a bit too honest at times… : )

Saki Ep12d

In this episode, we also get a bit more background on Koromo. Turns out she is a cousin of Touka and has been confined in a house. Again, she is described as being somewhat scary or intimidating…?! And they suspect her having to do something with her parents death!? I have noooooo idea what’s going on…

Now onto episode 13…I’m enjoying this anime but I’m kind of getting tired of seeing this fluffy side of Koromo! Show me the REAL side!! Plus I want to see Saki PLAY!!!!!!!! >_<