Episode 13 kicks off with a melancholic air to it…like it wasn’t sad enough that this was going to be the finale!!! >_<

It was honestly a somewhat strange episode to begin with. All the characters seemed to have something on their minds…except for Yui of course. hehe She’s so obliviously cute!! hahaha Actually as the episode got closer to the end, I really fell for Yui. I love how she’s so honest and innocent about her feelings. I think my heart skipped a beat when she said:

Everyone’s amazing! But don’t become adults and leave me behind.

It was so raw and honest. Almost too honest but so true at the same time. It’s a sad reality that as we grow up, the distance between friends typically increases.

K-ON! Ep13b

Oh and it kind of helps when she gets all excited about… =P

  • Azunyan and her cat ears!! 
  • Mio’s soft fingers!!
  • Blushes like there’s no tomorrow!!
  • Mio’s “hya” when the cold guitar touched her thighs!!
  • She says stuff like: “I want a Mugi-chan at home!” PWAHAHAHA

hahahaha Got to love Yui!! It was also cute how her one random SMS tied the whole group together. She’s like the subtle link that gels the group in her own bizarre way.

K-ON! Ep13a

The ending is kind of expected… =( Hopefully we will see more of K-ON! soon!!!!

Finally, a handful of other cute moments that I had captured from previous episodes… ^_^

K-ON Cute

That’s all for K-ON! now!!! *CRIES*

Should I write an overall review for K-ON!? Maybe just a short one so people know can do a quick eyeball to see whether it’s their thing. But really, if you’re reading my blog, chances are you’ll like this one!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Now I’m just patiently waiting for Aoi Hana…