Chapter 16 (you can find it at Dynasty Scans) was NOT disappointing!! It went in the direction of how us fans wanted it!!! Ushio cannot help but be jealous when Sumi is paying attention to Little Miss German!! We all know that’s really not the case. Sumi is really just focusing on the “Lotte-chan’s expansion plan”!!!!! Hehe

Sasameki CH16b

I couldn’t help but laugh too when Sumi was imagining how she must appear in front of Ushio!!! Hehehe Like a wall blocking access to that German girl!!! Hahahahaha she looked more like a piece of toast to me!!!! Hahahahaha

I also quite liked the moment when Lotte-chan admits to loving/admiring Sumi. It was quite touching but more importantly, Sumi looked so soft and pretty!! Why doesn’t Ushio not see this side of her?!? :(

Omg!!! The next bit made me hold my breath! It was quite intense and it was a bit unexpected – for me. I’m referring to Sumi’s outburst. It was good tho – acted like a wake up call to Ushio. I also got what I was hoping for…Sumi falling sick!!! Hahahahaha

Ooooh!!! And what a PERFECT way to end the chapter!!!!! *BIG SQUEAL* hehehe