Let’s not talk about the fact that it’s a finale first…

At least here they managed to find an excuse to satisfy the eyes of us fans!!! Sawa-chan sensei makes all these kawaii pieces for them!!! MUGI-CHAN!!!! KAAAAWAAAAIIIII!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA

K-ON Finale1

More importantly, in this episode, they decide to let Azusa practice as the lead guitarist! Only because Yui is sick. When she returns back for practice something RIDICULOUSLY happens!! After practising through once, Mio suggests they try again. At first I was confused – then the same thing happens – they decide to practice again!!?! haha Reason?!

Their playing matched PERFECTLY!!!! hahahaha Mio & Ritsu could not BELIEVE IT!!! hahahahahahaha Couldn’t help but laugh!!

K-ON! Fin

Turns out that it actually wasn’t Yui!! It was Ui trying to stand in as her sister!! Hehe of course the others see thru her soon enough as she’s way too polite compared to Yui!! Haha (found it hard to believe she could play but oh well – anything can happen in amine/manga world)!!!

But one of the biggest highlights in this episode was when Azusa says: “You’re the worst!” and then Yui goes up to cuddle her!!!! Kawaii!!!! I’d put a heap of screenshots here if I could but I’m away from my laptop! :(

Finally I liked how they tied the ending (*sob*) back to the beginning and showing the growth (what growth?!? J/k) in Yui.

*sigh* so this is the end of K-ON!!! I want more!!!!!!