This was a HILARIOUS episode!! Hehehe Saki x Nodoka has a nap!! But the key star to this episode is HISA!! All this time, we’ve NEVER seen her play and here she proves that there’s no other person more suited to be the President of the Mahjong Club!! HANDS DOWN TO HER!!

She completely kicks ass! It’s quite amusing really – they make her look like she has SUPER POWERS!!!! hahaha Shocking even last year’s winner!!! They’re LAST!! hehehe I CRACKED up here!!!! ^__________^

Saki Ep11a

Koromo is also SUPER cute!!! So far she does not seem scary at all!! I really wonder what she will be like when she plays?!! She seems to be just so sweet and innocent!! I feel like just cuddling her when I see her!!! hehehe MUAAHAHAHAHA!! I’m so happy that we have SOOOOO many more episodes waiting for us!!!

Saki Ep11b