This episode was a tad more serious than the ones before. We still get the ridiculously cute blush scenes like:

  • When Yui explains she chose the guitar because it was CUTE – plain & simple!! hehe Azusa!?! Quit trying to understand Yui!!! It’s IMPOSSIBLE!!! haha
  • When Mio sees all the lefty guitars on sale!! KAWAII!!!! Love the subtle blushes!!
  • When Azusa tries to break the tension in the room by putting on the cat ears!!!! HEHEHE Now I didn’t see THAT one coming!!!! KEKEKEKEKEKE

BUT, despite all these blush scenes, for once we see some real TENSION between friends!!! 

K-On Ep11a

Yes! It’s the tension between Ri-chan and Mio! Ri-chan is jealous of the time Mio is spending with Nodoka!! Aaaaaw KAWAII!! Now I’m getting psychotic?! I KYAAAA-ing when a friend is jealous!?! hahaha We all know that the cracks in the friendship will be rekindled in no time!?! What better than to fall sick and have a friend attend to you!!!! For once, Ri-chan showed the weaker and more vulnerable side of her!!! *GRINNING LIKE MAD HERE*

K-ON Ep11b

Love K-ON!!! Oh and Yui falling asleep TOO!!?!?!?! LOL