I finally have time to watch my SAKI!!!! I’ve had it for a good many days but as you probably know, been spending time catching up on K-ON! If you haven’t watched K-ON! yet, then please do me a favour and WATCH IT!! haha

So when I watched episode 10, I tried to suppress the squeal inside me when I saw Hisa telling Nodoka and Saki to go have a nap! hehehe Nap, eh??! KEKEKEKE But then I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when Nodoka said:

No one’s here, huh?

HAHAHAHA I swear the production team was having a hell of a time coming up with these suggestive conversations!! Those EVIL people!! Playing the minds of us yuri fans!!! hahaha Oh and a chibi version of Koromo!!!! Hehehehehehe KAwaII!!!! Even Fujii Pro could not resist!!

Saki Ep10a

Not much really happens in this episode. Just when I was getting excited about Hisa’s turn in the competition, the episode ends. Aaaaargh!! Looks like there’s a bit history to Hisa too! I hope she kicks some ***!! hahaha Doesn’t she look cool!!? Kakkoi!!!!

Saki Ep10b

I wonder how many episodes will this get up to?? Probably 13… =( Both K-ON! and Saki are close to coming to an end. What do we have next season??

AOI HANA and SASAMEKI KOTO!!!! (^__________^)V