Ok – I’m now PRETTY much up to speed – I’ve only got episode 11 to go. *sigh* Kind of deliberately holding back cos someone said episode 12 is probably the last so I want to slow it down a little… =(

As I was watching K-ON! I went a bit crazy with the screenshot-ing but couldn’t help it!! SO CUTE!!! Sorry for these crappy posts – usually I’m a bit better but given I’m playing catch-up I’m just trying to capture all the KYAAA and SQUEAL moments but there are just too many!!! First batch…

K-ON! Up to 10a

Doesn’t Mio look SO KAWAII in the kimono!?!? I had to repeat the scene!! hahaha Doesn’t Mio and Mugi remind you of Noriko and Shimako!!! HEHEHE One Japanese and one western doll put together!!! ^_^

K-ON! Up to 10b

I think between episodes 6 to 10, my FAVOURITE moment was when Yui forgets to sing when performing My Love is a Stapler (what a strange name?!)!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute when Mio stepped up to it in the last minute!!! And then also with Yui joining her as backup vocals!!! Such a warm fuzzy moment!!!! I LOVE these moments! It’s not even yuri but just a wonderful display of friendship! ^_______^

I’m now crazy over the song – yes…it does have an odd name but what the heck!! Here’s a rip from the anime! ENJOY!

Other moments that cracked me up:

  • NYA!! LOL
  • Mio with cat ears!!!! (^_^)V
  • LAZY Yui! That girl is ridiculous!! Poor Ui!!!
  • Yui and Ri-chan cutting up ONIONS!!!! HOHOHOHOHOHOHO

K-ON! Up to 10c

This has been one hilarious watch!! Can’t wait for more!! What are the chances for season 2??? PLEEEEEEASE!!!