As promised, here are some highlight moments!! Yuri + BLUSHES here we come!!!! HAHAAHAHAHA I think the yuri REALLY stepped up starting with episode 5!! KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! HEHEHEHEHE

Moe, moe, kyun!

K-ON Yuri1

K-ON Yuri2

K-ON Yuri3

This last four is my FAVOURITE!! I loved it to bits where Yui and Mugi both went “ooooh” when they heard Mio’s song lyrics!!! HEHEHEHE Kawaii!!!! ^_________^

Hey! Just wondering…Mugi seems to have a soft spot on Mio! OOOooooh!!!! She’s always stealing glances in her direction!!! =P We can see why though!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE

Now I need to keep watching…only up to episode 7…