Chapter 13 it out!! Thanks Tranquil Spring!! I wasn’t going to write about this (given I’m not an Octave fan) but given the hype of some of my readers plus this was actually a decent chapter, why not?? BUT, I do REALLY need to write my post on K-ON! yuri moments!!! HAHAHA

Ok, back on track. This chapter purely focuses on Setsuko. No Yukino, so I’m happy. Anyway, this chapter brings to us a different fresh perspective of Setsuko. My impression in the past was that Setsuko was fairly reserved in her own world. We never really got to hear the story from her side – always from Yukino’s angle. 

It took me by surprise that Setsuko seems to be quite attached to Yukino. I didn’t really sense her strong feelings for Yukino in the previous chapters. Kind of an ice-like maiden. Is it just me or did others feel that way too? Well this moment was the key highlight to chapter 13 – so sweet. I approve. =)

I want to hold onto Yukino’s hand and be together forever. 

Octave CH13