Ok – so it’s all about Yuuki – but I guess it’s not ALL bad!! I must admit Kyotaro looked quite dashing when he waltzed in with the tacos!!! HAHAHAHA Well more about that later!!

Saki Ep9a

So, Miss Beanpole accidentally eats up Yuuki’s private stash of tacos at the start of the finals. Yuuki obviously gets awfully upset and without her tacos, she just cannot pull off her signature East round wins! It doesn’t help either when Miss Beanpole has a way of disrupting the flow of the game causing even more havoc for poor Yuuki. She’s losing badly…uh oh…

Saki Ep9b

But nothing to worry about!!! Kyotaro saves the day with his tacos!!! He’s never looked sweeter!!!! *small squeal*!!! hahahaha But although Yuuki is charged up and starts scoring big time, it soon becomes clear that it really is the one-eyed girl, Mihoko, that’s controlling the game!! She wins the round! Btw, I still haven’t figured what’s the deal with her one-eye…anyone like to let me into the secret????

Saki Ep9c

Well though there was no Nodoka and Saki moments, we do get a glimpse of THE “Koromo”!!! She looks pretty harmless to me!!! Maybe not…she does seem to give Saki the jitters. Hmm… I hope we get to see more of Nodo x Saki in episode 10!!!