When I first read Aoi Hana, it left me with a lasting impression but my view changed over the course of the next few chapters. At first, moments were captured very well with the “still frames” plus touching quotes but to me, the story had drifted off the radar…It just got boring…until now.

In chapter 18, Fumi confessed to Ah-chan that she was her first love. At first I thought it was a *GASP* moment but it ended up being highly anti-climatic!? I guess at least Ah-chan knows but it was honestly a waste. There was little excitement except for a slight skip in the heart beat.

However, now in chapter 20, a new student has arrived at Ah-chan’s school and she seems like her BIGGEST FAN!!! ^_^ I couldn’t help but laugh when I read:

I’d like to put you on a key chain and stick you on my bag!

HILARIOUS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Now THAT idea never came across MY head???

Aoi Hana Ch20a

Please welcome Ryouko Ueda!! I think her presence will introduce some fresh appeal to the much needed Fumi x Ah-chan relationship. When Ah-chan says she’d rather be tall and cool, Fumi immediately thinks she’s referring to Kou-san! Interesting…But more importantly, this chapter finally takes off from chapter 18 ~ Ah-chan is now pondering how she should react to Fumi’s confession. To me, my heart paused as I read the following frames…

Aoi Hana Ch20xAoi Hana Ch20d

I’m definitely not squealing in excitement – far from that but the development is starting to get interesting. I feel that the story is picking up. I’m looking forward to the next chapter. =)