In episode 8 there’s not much action but rather a few quiet moments between the characters on the night before the finals. We get a bit of character development and in Hisa and Nodo’s case, a bit of their past. A relatively calm episode compared to the previous ones. But don’t worry, there’s still yuri. =)

First to kick everything off, YURI!! hahaha Saki falls asleep on the train and accidentally rests her head onto Nodo-chan. Noda is surprised but cannot suppress the slight blush of embarrassment followed by a small grin. hehehe I like this!! 

Saki Ep8b

Next we have a gentle soft moment between Hisa and Mako. Is it just me but do these two girls have a permanent blush on their face?! I’m sure it wasn’t so obvious before?!! hahaha Guess the creators can see that the audience is reacting VERY POSITIVELY to the yuri here. haha

“It was because of me?”

“That’s right. Thanks to you, my dream came true.”

“Guess I’ll just keep you company for a little while.”

Saki Ep8a

One bit I didn’t get was why Nodo-chan was embarrassed to hear that Saki and her read the same book, ‘Night on the Galactic Road’? Is it just because she was touched that they simply read the same book, or was there more to it??

Saki Ep8c

So I guess the REAL action will come in episode 9! I hope we will also get to see what’s all the fuss about Koromo-sama!?!