GF-Ch22bMakiMaki has released chapter 22!!! They are SO DAMN QUICK!! Remember to leave a message of thanks!!!

I’ve JUST read it and LOVE IT to BITS!!! I think I’m going crazy!!! HAHAHAHA

Although there is a bit of misunderstanding between the two, overall I thought it was a GREAT chapter!!! It’s so cute to see Akko going all crazy over Mari!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA The blushes, moments of embarrassment and a little bit of shyness running through out….!!!! Aaaaaah!!! How does Milk Morinaga do this?!?! hahaha

My favourite bits:

  • When Akko asks Mari to go visit the shrine dedicated to the god of love! ^_^
  • But one of the CUTEST parts must have been the flower spirit dance!!! MAJOR SQUEAL MOMENT!!!! hahaha I honestly don’t know how Milk Morinaga manages to capture these moments!? Mari looks so amazing here?! It’s not even just being ‘cute’?! I feel like I’m looking at Mari through Akko’s eyes with sparkles all around?! hahaha Maybe I’m just going crazy. I think I just REALLY like Morinaga’s art style.


Finally, of course, what could beat the last two pages?!?!? GRINNING / SQUEALING ALL THE WAY!!! It’s about time we got some real yuri going!!!! hahahahaha I don’t think I can EVER get bored of this manga series!!! Now I want chapter 23!!! >_<