This episode kicks off with Nodoka’s round in the tournament. It actually wasn’t as exciting as the previous three players I thought. Although she was meant to be playing at super speed, in ‘Nodocchi’ true style – I didn’t really feel it?! Maybe I just wasn’t concentrating. I just expected a little bit more – possibly cos they made me wait a WHOLE week to watch her turn on the stage!! Needless to say, she absolutely SLAMS them with her speedy playing and wins her round. We even get a glimpse of her super mahjong playing form!! hehe Talk about EXAGGERATION!?! LOL

One bit that I thought was pretty was the intention behind asking Nodoka to hold onto her penguin:

“…about half is used to give people something to talk about.”

HEHEHE Talk about a cheeky president!! But good one Shizuka! Oops…I mean Hisa! =P

Saki Ep7a

After Nodoka is Saki’s turn to play but they RORTED US!! They took away the chance for us to watch Saki play?! Grrrr!!! Apparently she did completely pulled the carpet from under their feet but we didn’t get to see the action. *SIGH* NOT FAIR!!!

Anyway, as expected, to people’s surprise, Kiyosumi will be a running potential for the finals!! Even the pro commentator is shocked by both Nodoka and Saki’s complete turnaround performance since her last experience with them!! hehehe As she says…in Nodoka’s case, maybe it was the help of the penguin!?! hehehehe

Saki Ep7b

BUT, we are warned they despite their skill, they will have a rough time when it comes to competing with last year’s championship team, headed by the captain, Amae Koromo!! Geez…!! They make her sound like she has this dark powerful force behind her. What the!?! I’m getting curious as to how she looks like?!  Also, what happened to Saki’s sister?! I thought they were supposed to meet at the championships?! Oops…I’m a little lost!?!

FINALLY, as a little bonus to us fans, they’ve YURIFIED the closing sequence!!! HAHAHA Sounds like they stole the idea from the Marimite team!!! hehehehe The whole ribbon effect also reminds me a little of Strawberry Panic too – anyone else agree?? No complaints from me! I thought the closing was quite cute and a little romantic – particularly where Saki’s in the rain. The only thing I want to criticise – GEEZ!!! Aren’t THOSE things there are BIT TOO BIG!?! I honestly think it’s plain silly…Anyone heard of ‘breast reduction’, perhaps???! I don’t get these Japanese people…

Saki Ep7c