After that short wait since chapter 13, this chapter was a bit of a disappointment. At first I was all in high hopes with the first few pages suggesting the idea of Sumi confessing to Ushio but it ended up as a crack up funny one. Well not funny to me cos I wanted some REAL one on one interaction between the two!!!

Anyway, I liked how the friend planted the seed in Sumi’s mind. Kind of shows that it’s starting to get obvious even to outsiders how the relationship between the two is changing. I like that!! ^_^ But more importantly, as Tessa and Hemisphere says, it should only get better from now. But, neither can we be too hopeful as summaries of volume 3 and 4 tells us that the relationship, though they will become closer, will fall short of an outright confrontation and acceptance of feelings…at least for NOW…

Now we just have to patiently wait for Chapter 15…

Sasameki Ch 14a

P.S. I particularly liked this page. So cute and a bit touching. But I’m a bit confused – who is it that’s speaking in those speech bubbles? It’s Ushio right? Argh – I’m so hopeless with reading manga…I still run into trouble once in a while!!! >_<

Sasameki Ch 14b