SasaMeki Ch12bTitled ‘Calling You’, chapter 12 is pretty damn cute!! You can find the scanlation of Sasameki Koto over at Dynasty Scans

OMG! I just realised that Dynasty Scans just released chapter 13!!! But let me finish this quick post first.

In Chapter 12, we have Sumi who is going away on some family event. Very soon after Sumi leaves, Ushio starts eyeing on her phone, clearly waiting for a message or call from Sumi. She tries to keep herself busy but cannot stop her eyes wandering back to her phone…

On the otherhand, Sumi’s at a spot where she has no reception and as fate has it, she ends up being delayed and cannot get to a spot where she can make a call. Eventually, even her phone gets broken. Like is just never easy for Sumi!!!

Well not to worry, their wish is eventually granted and they hear each others voices. ^______^ Such a simple story but I thought it was rather sweet!!!

Read it if you haven’t already!!! GO!!

Hahaha Now I’m going to check out chapter 13!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA