KameIt’s been confirmed! Kazuya Kamenashi will appear on the Mr. Brain jdrama as guest star! He will act as a young elite doctor. More details at Tokyograph.


PFFT!! Him as a doctor?! hahaha Not convincing at ALL!!! hehe I guess it’s just to drive gossip and interest amongst viewers. I’m actually not a fan but I’m sure plenty of people are interested!! His face just looks a bit strange to me and in reality shows, he’s behaviour is way girly! Geez…he’s eyebrows are more done up than mine!?! LOL Now THAT get’s a bit scary! hehe

Oh and here’s a 30 second preview trailer on Youtube. Watch it before it’s taken down!!

P.S. One last thing, it’s hard to imagine Takuya Kimura as being a genius with that hair of his!?! Am I the only one that thinks that?! haha