Saki Ep6aIn this episode, the team is off to the Nationals!!! The tournament begins!! The focus of the media’s attention is on the last year’s champion team (Ryuumonbuchi) and runner up (Kazekoshi). But Nodoka Haramura also steals some lime light cos she was the winner of the middle school national championships! Apparently, Ms. Pro doesn’t think that highly of Nodoka…

But what about our Saki?!?! Oh she gets lost at the venue!!? haha

While finding her way around, Saki crosses paths with the Ryuumonbuchi team…OMG! Lightning flashes…the ground shakes…the gods are AWAKENED!?! HAHA The Ryuumonbuchi team senses something fearful about Saki!! At first they think it’s Nodoka but the blonde girl points out that Nodoka has a very “voluptuous” figure! Hehehe Apparently Saki has a similar aura to Amae Koromo – the girl that was last year’s stellar player. What awaits…!?!

Saki Ep6c

Next up, Hisa gets everyone prepared for their first game. They will play on a rotation basis with Yuuki first (no duh!!), Mako, Hisa, Nodoka and finally Saki. First off is YUUKI!! And is she on a ROLL!?!!! hahaha Even without her tacos she’s KICKING ASS!! hahaha Oh and I thought Yuuki was doing well – wait till you see Mako!! She gets pretty FIRED up!!

Saki Ep6d


CRAP!! That’s all they gave us!!!! Aaaaargh!! I was hoping to watch Nodo-chan and Saki play!!! GRRRRRR!!! >_<

I want my episode 7!!!!

P.S. There were actually quite a few funny moments in this episode but couldn’t fit them in!!! I felt sorry for Nodo-chan though!! haha