Aoi Hana new HP 2The official website has been redesigned!!! It’s NICER!!! OOooooh! Makes me wonder what we will see in JULY!!! If this is a glimpse of the art we will be seeing in the animation then I’m pretty happy about it!! LOOKS GOOD! ^________^

Check out the website! There’s been no additions but hopefully the new look will at least squeeze a “Ooooooooh!” out of you!! hahahaha

Official website

Also, thanks to mfsubs, they’ve subbed the trailer!! hahaha I mean, again, it’s not much but it’s nice to know what those Japanese words are saying!! You can find the torrent over at Tokyo Toshokan. For the purpose of uploading it here, had to convert it into AVI. If mfsubs do not want the video to be put here, please let me know. I will take it down immediately!

Enjoy guys!! I’m looking forward to Aoi Hana. I like Sasameki Koto more but I’m not going to push away yuri works. Particularly delicate and pure ones. =)