Two words to describe this episode…


HAhahahaha SEriously, what more can you expect when you have a training camp at a private ONSEN retreat!? A perfect setting for some serious fanservice! I lost count of the number of times Noda-chan blushes here. hahaha Noda-chan tries to act all proper and initially refuses to wear a yukata but this is easily resolved by orders from above!!! Mako!! hahaha


Oh and the task is perfectly executed by Yuuki!!! I swear Rie Kugimiya was having loads of fun doing this character!? The stuff she had to say in this episode?!! hahaha Hilarious!!



I also noticed that this episode really made use of the chibi versions of the characters! For a second, I thought the art reminded me of Akko’s chibi moments in Girl Friends! ^_^ I’m seriously starting to wonder what the manga is like compared to the anime! Anyone care to let us know?? Tessa, have you started watching the anime??


Oh and the sheer drama of how they play mahjong just makes me laugh like crazy!!! When did mahjong becomes so superhuman, cool and exciting?!! Geez…!! It’s just MAHJONG!!! haha I’m seriously enjoying this anime…requires the use of few brain cells. I like. =) I was seriously laughing throughout this whole episode…hehe