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“Shimako is really too impatient.”

Noriko mumbles under her breath as she brushes away the water on Shimako’s face. As the tears and rain crosses path on my face, I wonder what it looked like in Noriko’s eyes.

“Rosa Chinesis was only raising an extreme example. If you don’t want to let go, there is no need to force yourself to give up on either, right?”


Shimako tightened her two hands and drew a cross in front of her chest. If she could not give up on either, is it still possible for there to be a perfect solution?

“I know of one solution.”

Under that neat fringe was a set of determined eyes, staring straight at Shimako.

“Let me wear your rosary.”


Noriko’s index finger pointed to Shimako’s right wrist. At the tip of the finger was the special gift she had received from her onee-sama.

That rosary dissipated Shimako’s loneliness and after joining the Yamayurikai, she made important companions. From the time her onee-sama graduated, she has only been able stay standing largely due to the rosary.

“To me, this is just an accessory. If the problem can be resolved by this then why don’t you hurry up and put it on me?”

“But, Noriko…”

“I think I understand why you hesitate in giving me the rosary. It’s because you know that the rosary has an important significance attached to it, right? And I seem to have no idea about the weight it carries. Am I right?”

Noriko thought what she said should be very close to Shimako’s thoughts. To Shimako, the rosary definitely carried an immense weight but it was also because of this that made it especially important.

“But if that is the case, then who will Shimako hand the rosary to?”

Although it is an option to continue without a petite soeur all the way till graduation, for someone who is Rosa Gigantea, it isn’t really  a possible choice.

“I don’t understand the weight that it carries so I definitely will not feel burdened with great responsibilities. Why don’t you try viewing it as simply lending the rosary to me for a little while and take the opportunity to relax?”

“Lend you?”

Just upon hearing this, Shimako felt that her emotions relaxed a little.

“That’s right. Like the juzu prayer beads.”

Maybe it is worth trying and relaxing a little. Everyone else must also take a more relaxed approach in acknowledging a soeur relationship. If that wasn’t the case, then surely Lilian’s soeur system would have deteriorated ages ago.


Shimako was thinking, after removing the rosary from her wrist, whether she should place it around Noriko’s neck. By giving her the rosary, can the problem genuinely be resolved?

“Why are you still hesitating? Is it because I am an admirer of Buddha statues and not a Catholic?”

“That’s not it…just that…”

Once Noriko becomes Shimako’s petite soeur, regardless of whether she wishes or not, she will be automatically addressed as Rosa Gigantea en bouton. Will Noriko be able to get along with Sachiko-sama who leads the Yamayurikai and its members? As Shimako voiced this concern, Noriko immediately asked:

“Doesn’t it look like we can get along very well?”


“At least right now, I feel that our relationship is quite harmonious. Does Rosa Chinensis not think that?”

“But didn’t you guys just have a fight?”

“A fight? She only corrected me because she cares about me. I do not dislike Rosa Chinensis.”


“Don’t worry. I am positive I can get along well with them all. Shimako, as onee-sama, will also have to guide me strictly. As long as it is you speaking, I will definitely listen to you intently. If I became Rosa Gigantea’s petite soeur, even Rosa Chinensis will treat me somewhat differently. We would be unlikely to have conflicts happening all the time.”

Noriko slightly tilted her head upwards and was in a state of deep thought. The rain drops continued to land on her forehead and hair.

“If we were to use a bento box as an analogy, at the moment it is like there are no individual compartments, resulting in the rice and veggies to mix together and becoming one. I think, Rosa Chinensis cannot tolerate the sauce that has mixed in with the plain rice.”


Shimako laughed aloud. Noriko’s analogy was definitely unique but made it difficult for people to agree.

“It’s because she gave me a push.”

“You mean Sachiko-sama?”

“Yes. I think she already treats me as part of the group, that’s why she can then say what she wants.” 

That’s right. Sachiko-sama ignores those that she is not interested in. To her, arguing is a form of communication.

“You have been observing very carefully.”

“Yes. Because Shimako likes them.”

Comparing myself to Noriko, what am I doing?  Shimako couldn’t help but sigh. She gets too concerned about losing something important, which then prevents her from seeing everything clearly. The answer was just inches away.  The important item was already in her hands.

“You’re right. That must be the case.”

Although Shimako didn’t notice, Noriko had been holding her hand all this time and was shining the light onto the lost path.

Moreover, it means that Shimako no longer needs to walk alone. If that other person (i.e. the petite soeur) was Noriko, Shimako feels that she could rely on her and both help out with the responsibilities. 

Shimako held up the rosary’s necklace.

“Can I put it on you?”

The rosary might become a lock, restraining Noriko, yet knowing this, right in front of her was truly a younger girl nodding in acceptance to this. With that, Shimako no longer felt lost.

The names written on the ground was gradually being washed away by the rain.

“Shimako, I will stay beside you always until you graduate.”

Noriko had a radiant smile on her face. The rain fell onto the rosary around the neck and along with the beads, shimmered with a glistening glow.

“In that case, I will no longer be cold.”

The two of them stood together under the sakura trees, gazing at the never ending rain.

Even if it was raining heavy showers, inside Shimako’s heart, it was still a clear day.