Sorry guys! I didn’t have time to blog on episode 3 so I thought I’d just jump straight to episode 4! Available here online.

Nothing really happens much in the first half of the episode – though we do get a good dosage of blushes and shy glances between Saki and Nodoka – it’s all about preparing for the Nationals!


As part of their special training, Hisa sends both Saki and Nodoka to help out at Mako’s cafe… *HUH* Yep – I had the same reaction!? HA! But then within seconds you’ll find out the real arrangement…at the cafe, it’s conveniently – ‘MAIDS DAY’!! haha Sounds like cosplay to me!! =)


ANYWAY, it turns out that there’s a mahjong table at the cafe where guests can play. Hisa’s intention is to get the two to practice with other players. Apparently, she’s called in an acquaintance to drop by and show them ‘their place’. Needless to say they lose pretty badly. Turns out the acquaintance is a professional mahjong player and came 2nd last year, losing to Amae Koromo from Ryuumonbuchi, a 15 yr old high school girl! With their current skills, there’s no way they can WIN!

HEHE Isn’t the pic (on the right) DRAMATIC!?! I wonder how this Amae REALLY looks like…LOL

They have 10 days until it’s the Nationals…will Hisa’s training camp bring their skills up to speed?! I’m not sure about enhancing their skills but given the preview, looks like the next episode will be a key HIGHLIGHT!! Training at an onsen ryokan!?! PFFT!! haha Sounds more like a perving session or an excuse to slip in a few more yuri moments!! haha No complaints from me of course! ^_______^