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Shimako stood by the windows on the 2nd floor of the Rose Mansion looking at the sky.

It’s already Friday but Shimako’s feelings had not turned better. The depression within grew darker and heavier, like the stormy clouds before the rain.

If those clouds were swept away, would a blue sky like Virgin Mary’s heart really exist? The sun should still be high up in the sky yet it was like dusk in the evening. It looked like it was about to rain.


Noriko, as if disapproving of Shimako’s silent sighing, called her name from behind. Because both Rei-sama and Yoshino-san cannot attend after school today, Noriko has been asked to help.

The preparations for the school festival have started.

Although it is possible to setup a committee, the Yamayurikai still has quite a scope of responsibilities. At the moment, although  the focus is just on printing, collating the questionnaire as such; hereafter, workload will definitely increase, so the more people helping the better.

“What is the matter?”

Shimako casually turned around and asked Noriko.

“The tea is ready…”

“It is? Thanks.”

Shimako moved from beside the windows to where the tea is placed on the table. Inside the room, there was only the quiet sound of Shimako’s indoor shoes brushing against the floorboards and the sounds of boiling water.

It’s peacefully quiet.

After all the work had been addressed, the Rose Mansion was peacefully quiet. So quiet that it was hard to believe that there were the four of them there – Sachiko-sama, Yumi-san, Noriko and Shimako.


Suddenly, as Sachiko played with her long black hair, she said:

“Your calling of ‘Shimako’ is not acceptable.”


Noriko questioned surprisingly. Shimako felt a moment of unease.

“Basically, when addressing older students, you should be adding ‘sama’ to their name. I don’t mind how you address her outside but I hope that within the school, you will call her Shimako-sama or Rosa Gigantea.”

“Ah. I understand.”

“Really, Shimako. You need to teach her of such things. Past Rosa Giganteas may have all taken a liberal approach in guiding students , but the one that gets embarrassed in the end will be Noriko.”

Shimako cannot argue as Sachiko-sama was absolutely right.

Sachiko-sama must have been very mindful of it. She had been silently observing and waiting for the change but as it never happened, she eventually could not help but correct it herself.

To require Sachiko stepping in was careless of Shimako.

When Noriko was in middle school, she had been involved with school council work and basically handled all her responsibilities well. Also, because her parents were not always by her side, she has become reliable and efficient. Given that, Shimako was confident in Noriko’s abilities to execute her responsibilities and forgot to pay attention to the smaller details.

Also, her attention was always focused upon her inner turmoils.

“I am very sorry.”

Shimako bowed apologetically. In this way, the matter will be put aside but instead…

“I don’t mind being corrected but to involve Shimako…no…I mean, to involve Shimako-sama seems a bit strange since Shimako-sama is not my onee-sama.”

Noriko stood up from her chair in protest.


Shimako quickly stood straight and attempted to tell Noriko she needs to be careful with her words but was stopped by Sachiko’s outstretched hand. It was like telling her not to interfere.

“Even if she is not your onee-sama, to guide the younger students without onee-samas is the responsibility of the older students. Aren’t you two very close? Though she may not be your onee-sama, Shimako still should have pointed it out to you.”

A simple reminder would have settled the matter but Noriko’s unexpected outcry of disagreement seemed to have angered Sachiko.


Sachiko-sama seemed to be deliberately showing grace, elegantly walking towards Noriko and lightly rested her hand on Noriko’s shoulder.

“If you do not wish to be corrected by other older students, then hurry up and find yourself an onee-sama.”

“You should mind your own business.”

Noriko rudely shifted her shoulder and swung off Sachiko’s beautiful white fingers.

“Mind my own business?”

Seeing someone retaliate in such form, even Sachiko would have the pride of an older student and would not back down. In any case, since Noriko had studied at another school previously, she never had the chance to fully understand Lilian’s school culture, which complicated the issues further.

Yumi-san was also nervous and could not sit still. The only person that could cool down the situation would be Rei-sama but just when you need her, she’s not around.

“Shimako. You cannot say nothing. You should also come over and correct this younger student that doesn’t understand anything.”


Upon hearing Sachiko-sama suddenly calling her name, Shimako froze.

“Rosa Chinensis, why is it that you have to drag Shimako into the matter?”

“See? You just said ‘Shimako’ again, Noriko.”

“When there is an argument going on, please do not criticize the person’s style of words.”

“When was this an argument? I am just guiding a younger student! You are just a first year student yet you want to be treated on equal standing as a third year student?”

Sachiko-sama uncontrollably shouted but Noriko did not back down.

“I am JUST a first year student? Aren’t you just two years older than me?”

“In the life of a student, two years is a large difference.”

“I object to a system based on ages.”

The two openly shouted with their faces so close that it was like they were going to bite at the other.

“Stop it!!”

Shimako can no longer watch so stepped between the two of them.


Sachiko-sama slowly shifted her eyes away from Noriko towards Shimako.

“What do you mean by stop it? Do you want us to superficially bring a smile to our faces or maybe sit down and chat over tea?  That is just stupid. If you want us to stop then I invite you to analyse the situation. Shimako, in this situation, how do you want it to be handled?”


Shimako was suddenly lost for words. Although she managed to stop the two, she did not think what to do afterwards. It is true that just by stopping the argument does not resolve anything. The interferer’s responsibility is to bring both parties to an agreeable conclusion. 

In order to achieve this, one must put aside personal feelings and handle in a fair manner. It may sometimes even be necessary to forcefully convince them on something that they do not naturally come to an agreement on. WIth such a difficult mission, how is it possible for Shimako to achieve it?

As a result, she simply bowed her head and said:


“Why do you need to apologize? Does that mean you have no ability to resolve the matter and that you’re just giving up?”

Shimako shook her head strongly.

Although what Sachiko said was the obvious truth, this ‘sorry’ is different to the one said right at the beginning.

“I believe that I am at fault because I was not capable enough causing Sachiko-sama to worry and also placed Noriko in a very difficult position.”

Bringing Noriko into the circle of the Yamayurikai was indeed a bad idea. It was foreseeable that something like this will eventually happen and yet still allowed it to happen. It is all my own fault.

Although that can be said, to start with, she had hoped all will run smoothly. She had thought, even if it was a forced mirage of friendliness between the two, over time, maybe one day there will be genuine rays of hope.

“That is true.”

Sachiko-sama coldly nodded in agreement.

“So?” (Sachiko)


“That’s right. So? At the moment, you are just admitting to your mistake, right? So what needs to be done next? It is not enough just to reflect on your own actions. You should be considering: what can I do to not worry others, hoe can I not make it difficult for Noriko? Are you able to demonstrate all the to us?”


Shimako thought Sachiko-sama’s demands were more difficult to answer than mathematical equations. If she could answer Sachiko’s question straight away, then she wouldn’t have been in this situation in the first place.

“Aren’t there a number of solutions available? To put it to the extreme, you simply need to give up on either Noriko or us.”

“To give up on one, either Noriko or Yamayurikai…”

“In other words, a choice needs to be made.”

To keep either the Yamayurikai or to keep Noriko – it’s true that such a choice will solve the problem.

As long as Shimako is not Rosa Gigantea, then naturally there will be no pressure in choosing a petite soeur. It will also mean she can happily enjoy school life with Noriko. That would be the outcome if she chooses Noriko.

On the otherhand, if she chooses the Yamayurikai, everything will be taken back to the time before Noriko started at Lilian. The two Roses (Sachiko and Rei) and two en boutons will certainly gracefully respect Shimako’s decision.


Shimako first looked at Noriko, then her eyes shifted towards Sachiko-sama and Yumi-san. 

“So what is the decision, Shimako?”

She understood that just by choosing one side, the problem will be resolved, but she was lost for words as to explaining her inability to make a choice.


Shimako runs off. Because she could not decide, she passed through between them and opened the biscuit shaped door up ahead and ran out.



Despite the calling of her name, Shimako didn’t stop running away.

The stairs creaked in pain but Shimako didn’t care and just ran down the stairs to the outside.

The rain wouldn’t stop splashing onto her head and face but despite that, her foot steps wouldn’t stop.

If she didn’t run away, the problem will not go away.

Shimako did not want to lose either Noriko or Yamayurikai. 


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