415crqqhfllOooh!! Volume 4 of Sasameki Koto was recently released in Japan (in late March actually)!! *sigh* I’m only up to chapter 11 which is probably somewhere in volume 2 (Dynasty Scans have been scanlating!!!). 

BUT, Erica has kindly summarised what’s coming up!!

Volume 4 is the story of a misunderstanding. In fact, it is the anatomy of a misunderstanding, built up from the bare bones of misapprehension, attached by ligaments and tendons of high-school drama, and filled in with the muscle of self-doubt, covered in the thin skin of self-awareness.

Umm…..hmmm…Really? Sorry could you just try me again!?! hahaha Don’t worry – the rest of her review cuts to the chase!!

Ushio and Sumi are >this< close to saying something, to touching, to breaking through the wall…

Geez, I didn’t realise that things were going to get SERIOUS!!! Really looking forward to further scanlation and of course the ANIME! So far I have not heard of any tentative release date. Does anyone know when it will be, roughly???

Oh and isn’t the cover of the manga cute?! Love, yuri and snow???? Aaaaww….! Sounds like a wonderful backdrop!!! ^______^