lightnI am now up to volume 10 of the Marimite light novel series. I am very lucky to be able to read the original works of the wonderful series!! I’ve found nothing come close to it! The depth of the character developments, the relationships…it blows you away. At least to me. =)

Anyway, I’ve decided to translate two short chapters and it will focus on the Rosa Gigantea family!! Shimako x Noriko!! It will be from the time when Noriko starts helping out at the Yamayurikai (not as a petite soeur yet) and gets told off by Sachiko –> a verbal fight begins –> Shimako runs out crying in the rain –> Noriko follows. ^__________^

Now surely that section is worthy of a translation?! hahaha It’s quite a figurative section so I’ll try my best to translate it reasonably accurately and with the same style. Wish me good luck. I should be able to get this one done by this weekend. It’s fairly short.

Oh and if there is a particular section that you would LOOOOOOOVE to see translated – let me know. No promises but if time allows and the section does not go on forever, I’ll do it. I’m a bit busy these days but in a month or so I’ll be FREEEEEEE!!! hahahaha