I’ve been a little out of touch with Wings of Yuri’s updates lately but I’m now back on top of it!! hahaha Just a few days ago, they posted a really cute doujin work of ShizNat!! It’s safe for kiddies. =) Please read it!!! Available here! My only complaint would be that I wish the art was closer to the real thing. But I’m otherwise very happy with this short read!!

I also just re-watched Mai-Otome and am completely crazy about ShizNat AGAIN!! I think I will have to write another post soon just to re-state why I like that series!!! hahahaha Anyway, please leave a word of thanks to for their hard scanlation work!!!

Edit: Oops…looking through my past posts, I’ve actually done 3 posts just to highlight my favourite moments!!! LOL I’m laughing as I re-read them myself!!! HAHAHA