Just recently, both hashi and Erin recommended me to read Dou ni ka Naru Hibi, also known as Happy-Go-Lucky Days. It is written by the author of Aoi Hana, Takako Shimura, and is a volume of one-shots. According to Erin, only two of the stories are yuri – so of course I started with those. =) Both can be found here, thanks to Lililicious!!

One-shot 9 is about a girl who has developed feelings for her roommate but obviously is too scared to tell the other (picture above). Will she take the step? And will her love be returned? Answer? I liked the ending. ^___________^ AHAHAHAHA Oops…should really avoid spoiling it….but I can’t help it!! hahaha

As for one-shot 5, I didn’t really like this one. It’s about a young lady who attends the wedding of a girl she once loved and while she’s there, she meets another woman who had also been in love with the bride. If you’re rushed for time, then this one is skippable in my opinion.

All thanks to Erin and hashi for bringing this one to our radar!! I thoroughly enjoyed the first one!! Simple and sweet!!