bf-aBefore I start, I must apologize to Tessa! This was your first recommendation and I have only just read volume 1! LOL I’m regretting that I’ve been so slow to catch on! hahaha But, I have been reading a whole bunch of your other recommendations! Like Strawberry Shake Sweet, Hanjuku Joshi, Gokujou Drops etc. More about those another time.

First of all, I liked the art and the visual design of the characters. It was delicate and drawn with some elegance – reminds me of Morinaga’s style. Can’t go wrong there?! haha At least for me. =)

On the left it’s Fumi who is a crybaby and we find out soon into the manga that she had a somewhat ‘deep’ relationship with her cousin who she suddenly finds out is getting married. She’s clearly upset. Her character doesn’t really appeal to me but neither is it annoying. On the otherhand, there’s Ah-chan who is really a simple minded girl happy go lucky kind of person. Easy to get along with and bright and cheery. As a kid, she has always been the one to look out for Fumi but they later lost contact when Fumi moved to another school. As we read the manga, we get to see how important they are to each other…(I only just finished vol 2 so don’t know what’s coming up!!)

They’re both in highschool (different ones) and by chance, bumps into each other again! Aaaw…and look how nice and honest Ah-chan is!! hahaha

The manga is a tad slow with all yuri handled in a very mild-mannered fashion. Not something that I’m dying to finish straight away but I’m more than happy to follow the series. The contents are all fairly realistic with bits of Ah-chan’s outburst that will crack a smile on your face. I particularly liked how the author used the character’s inner thoughts to bring out the doki-doki moments. The below is a classic example! Executed VERY elegantly and effectively. VERY romantic!! *SWOON* ahaha


Anyway, if you’re into yuri, the chaste kind, then read this!! Must get yourself ready for the anime scheduled in July!! Can’t wait!!

Btw, just a small comment on Hanjuku Joshi…TESSA!! After reading volume 1, I now understand the TRUE meaning behind your comment:

I find the relationship between the two girls cute, but there’s also a pretty interesting side story going on with a teacher and one of her students.

TSK!! Is interesting really the right word?? Tessa! hahaha