gf11_04Okay, to all the Girl Friends fans out there – I have ordered this issue of Comic High! from my local Japanese bookstore!! They couldn’t guarantee whether they could locate a copy but I’ve whacked down a deposit so they’ll let me know once they find it. That’s the most I can offer. If I manage to get hold of it and the raws have not surfaced by then, I will scan it and shoot them over to MakiMaki and beg them to translate! haha

Now what more can you ask!?!? =)

Honestly, I think the lady that helped me thinks I’m some perverted/sick girl. If she remembers me, the last time I asked her help, it was to look for an older volume of Milk Morinaga’s works – Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo (MUST READ!!) – but her search results picked up on one of her older hentai works. Oh dear…I was thinking “Craaaap”. She even said “What kind of manga is this? This looks R-rated.” *sigh*

This time, when she looked up Comic High!,  I’m pretty sure there was Japanese writing promoting the magazine as “Girlish comic for guys!” Comic High! was originally intended to target the male audience in the 18 to 35 age group but on the cover it now says it’s for guys AND girls.

It makes me wonder, how many of us are guys / girls??! Mind taking part in a poll?? I’m seriously just curious cos I would see Girl Friends as appealing to girls more. Anyway, once I get hold of the magazine, I’ll let you know for sure!!!