How should I describe the ending?!?! I guess it was as expected. Since I already knew beforehand where the red card was, everything else kind of naturally fell into place. Although there were no massive squeal moments, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Touko looked so sweet here!! Just want to hug her tightly!! (which Yumi does!! hehe ^____^) More importantly, I think season 4 leaves open the possibility of some OVAs! haha Or it might be just me being overly hopeful.

My only complaints with this finale:

  • Did they have to spend so much on the train!?!? What a waste of precious time?!?! Take the damn bullet train!?! hahaha j/k
  • We never get to hear Touko call Yumi, “onee-chan”. =( I would have LOOOOOVED to see that!!!

So back to what actually happened…

First of all, YAY!!! Touko says the long awaited words “May I become your younger sister?” *SQUEAL/GASP* She was so cute here especially when she was waiting for Yumi’s reaction. The blush on her face!!! So subtle yet means so much!! I liked how we saw the difference in Yumi’s reaction to Sachiko asking her to stand up and Touko barging in with those words. With Sachiko, it was like “as expected, my onee-sama knows me best” but with Touko, her body responded to Touko before her mind could.


Despite the slight heavy tone of the episode, the team did not fail to give us a few moments of classic Marimite fun! Yoshino, Noriko and Shimako were all worried/anxious to bits as to how Yumi’s date was going with Touko. Luckily Yoshino realised in the end that it was best to leave it with Yumi to handle. OH and we get Yumi’s wide eyed/caught out look!! hahaha Though the drama club senpai is quite kakkoi, please don’t interrupt THEN!!?!? BAD TIMING!!! Aaaaaah!! But nothing to worry, we know it’s just a matter of time before Yumi gets the friggin rosary around Touko’s neck!!


Finally it’s the date and we get a very descriptive explanation on how DAMN far their destination is!! LOL when I was watching this I was like…errr….bullet train, maybe?! haha Touko takes Yumi to visit her grandfather’s hospital out in the country. Hehe It was pretty funny that Yumi was thinking about whether there was enough money for food!! haha So Yumi! But what was funnier was the grandfather’s words to Yumi:

Please take care of Touko.

Please be more strict to her.

HAHAHA Doesn’t it sound like what a senior would say to a newlywed couple?! hehehe Well I guess we all know what an onee-sama/petit soeur relationship really means in Marimite world…to be together forever. Hmm…well maybe except for the Rosa Gigantea family but actually, Noriko seems quite attached to Shimako!!!! HEHEHEHE


Now to the real central focus of the episode, after the revelation of Touko’s past, we finally have a bonding moment between Touko and Yumi and is it done well or not?!?!?!? I LOVE IT!! hahahaha No need for words. The pictures below explains it all. Touko is blushing again!!!! AAHAHAHAHAHA *BIG GRIN / SUPPRESSED SQUEALING* ^____________________^


The closing of the anime does not quite take us to the formal recognition of their relationship as sisters. It’s only alluded to. As an ending to season 4, it is satisfactory enough but for the whole anime series?!! HELL NO!! The whole season has been amazing (but note that I haven’t read the light novels so I don’t know what they’ve cut out – from what I gather, there are a good handful of stories where we’re missing out big time!!) but I’m hoping that this somewhat open ending means there is possibility for a season 5 in OVA. I can only hope!!

It has been great fun watching this anime with you all. Our shared moments of squealing / gasping and laughing – has all been time well spent for me. Let’s hope another quality yuri anime comes to light soon (Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto would be my best bets) and we can squeal together again!

Thanks for reading! Let’s end this in good old Marimite style. Gokigenyou. =)