Aaaaaah!!! Kill me! Someone just KILL ME!!!!

Breathe…just breathe…relax…

*Minutes later*

Ok, I’ve recovered. The ending was a BLOODY cliffhanger!! hahaha Anyway, let’s start from the beginning!!

OMG!! This must be one of my favourite episodes!! I don’t think I squealed so many times in 1 episode before!! hahaha And how many times is the word ‘love’ mentioned?!?! ^________________^ I LIKE!!!! DAISUKI!!! It was great in that were “moments” for all three Rose families!! Now that’s quite rare!!

Valentines Day here we come!!  I went completely ballistic over the screen shots in this episode!! haha Pls bear with me. I’ve decided this post will have HEAPS of pics!!

First up, we have Yumi giving her handmade chocolates to her precious Onee-sama. Oh MY! Have these guys gotten comfortable with each other!! LOL Proclamations of love all over the place and blushes too!!! Definitely squeal spot no. 1!! hahaha


Next up is the Rosa Gigantea family!!! Love Noriko x Shimako!! They’re so cute together!! Well Yumi bumps into Noriko giving chocolates to Shimako and feels intrusive to say the least…hehe I LOOOOVE Noriko!! She is so blunt and funny! Comparing Yumi to that of a middle school buy who’s accidentally seen some girls change!!! HAHAHA! She’s quite spot on!! As Sachiko would say, “Behave more gracefully!” hahaha Yumi was hilarious here!!


On a more serious note, there was a conversation between Sachiko and Touko. This I appreciated as we got to see a rare glimpse of Sachiko professing how important Yumi is to her…

“…but it’s more painful if I can’t be with Yumi.”

She also admits to having prepare herself to accept Yumi’s petite soeur. Although prepared, she cannot help but describe the petite soeur as a RIVAL!! ^_^ Couldn’t help but let out a small squeal here!! hehe And only Touko was fit to be her rival!! Come on, Touko!! Bring out the guts to enter the card hunt!!!


On the otherhand, Yoshino is annoyed/jealous/sulking in her classic style as Rei’s on exam so she’s received no chocolates!! Poor girl!! But on the flipside, silly Rei is praying that she wins the card hunt!!! hahaha Why all the hassle??! Just ask Yoshino to go out on a date ANYDAY!!! So anyone’s heard of a “Valentines Day raincheck” before??? haha No wonder Rei gets called a BAKA…like 10 times?!?! hahaha


Just to really top it off, we have a final squeal moment from the Rosa Gigantea family!!! I just love how all three pairs are so different yet creates their own form of warm fuzziness in us!! Hahaha Must say that Shimako took me by surprise here!! Getting a bit too comfortable with Noriko here?!?! hahaha It’s fine by me!!! ^_^ Ooooh! Another blush moment!!! I approve!!


All this time, I haven’t really mentioned Touko. Her bits were good too as we see her slowly stepping outside her shell but I obviously got sidetracked by the other moments!!! HAHAHAHAHA Well looks like she’s somehow made up her mind! I wonder why she’s rushing to the Rose Mansion!?!?! Looks like maybe Sachiko and her made some kind of deal in their earlier conversation!?!?! Aaaaah!! Now to wait for another WHOLE WEEK!!!?!? It’s our LAST EPISODE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

I must say, I’m annoyed that they skip out the dates!!?! How can they possibly end the whole thing tidily in ONE BLOODY EPISODE!?!?! AAaaaaah!!! I don’t want this to end!!! >_<