Let’s call her S. She was a new addition to the department. My initial impression of her? Cold, serious, elegant and fairly quiet. I also recall her sighing every once in a while. Like something was constantly tiring her out. I wouldn’t quite describe her as pretty but she had clean features with a defined face. I’d say she was relatively cool and elegant. Still attractive but in another way.

It’s now a nice couple of months down the track and we are very good friends. Coffee buddies, shopping buddies, dinner buddies etc! There’s also plenty of SMS-ing going on about random things.

Oh! Guess what I saw?… OMG I just bought a pair of heels!!… This dinner is really boring. I wish I could go… 

We always have a lot of fun and constantly end up giggling to no end. Then one day, something happened that made me think twice about our friendship.

I was at dinner with other friends and was replying to her SMS (which was probably my 4th SMS by now since we left work about 2 or 3 hrs ago) when my friend teases me as to who I’m texting and tries to look. Without thinking, I slammed my phone shut immediately. Even my own reaction caught myself by surprise! That obviously caused a few raised brows and I tried to explain that it was just a friend. I basically sounded very suspicious. I’m sure I had a look of awkwardness on my face. The strange thing about my response was that my friend knows this girl! I could have easily said, “It’s S”. Hmm…but why didn’t I say that?

A few points describing us:

  • From the moment I leave work, I feel like sending her a SMS.
  • After sending an SMS, I will eye on the phone regularly in hope of a reply soon.
  • I look forward to work because I will get to see her – to the extent that I still want to go to work if I was sick.
  • If I had the choice, I would want to see her all the time.
  • I’d choose time with her over anyone else.

Is the above normal? I used to think it was until incidents of my last friendship like this were found in the story line of Girl Friends. Maybe it’s not?

So my question to you is:

Is she just a very good friend or is there something more?