One of my friendly visitors, Hemisphere, had recommended that I check out this yuri manga! Her description:

“…is so cute it’ll make your teeth rot from the sweetness…”

“…box full of kittens the manga…”

LOL! hahaha Ok, a more objective description would be Lililicious words:

“A laid-back, heartwarming story about the owner of a teahouse and a girl who works there”.

Now THAT actually tells us a little of what the story is about! Hahaha

On the right is Seriho-san, a 25 yr old (though she looks at max 16) who is the owner of the Amber Teahouse. On the left is Sarasa-chan, who is a 17 yr old highschool student that works part-time there. At first I got quite confused as Seriho looks younger?! Oh well. Seriho-san tends to be a bit unsure about things and does not really know how to get out of a problem. But NO WORRIES! There’s Sarasa-chan to save the day! Sarasa, though younger is a tough girl and ready to lend a helping hand. Then there’s also two of Sarasa’s highschool friends that are regular visitors – one is a bit of a crazy nut and is amazing at DIY carpentry (yes you read right, out of all things, carpentry!?). She’s pretty funny!


Anyway, with Hemisphere’s descriptions above, it was hard to tell myself to control my expectations. I’m sure it’s not THAT good…it’s probably going to be disappointing…hehe


First of all, the art is not bad – filled with moments of cuteness in ‘chibi’ style! The only thing I didn’t like is that there’s too much black on each page – the eyes, Sarasa’s hair and the dresses. Overall still pleasant to read.

BUT…back to the story…my thoughts?

It’s pretty DAMN CUTE!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA I completely nod in agreement with Hemisphere!

I’ve only read 2 chapters but basically we know Seriho is crazy about Sarasa. On the otherhand, Sarasa? She looks after Seriho and blushes at times but still in the grey zone in the reader’s eyes. I wonder where this will take us…hehehe Oh isn’t the picture above CUTE!?!? HOHOHOHOHO

So anyone going to check it out?? It’s available over at Lililicious! But don’t read too quickly cos next chapter isn’t out till April!! >_<

Btw, just reminding people that the next chapter of Girl Friends is out TOMORROW!!! We will have another 20 odd pages of Girl Friend goodness in a few days!!!!! Can’t WAIT!!