Edit: Guys! Remember to thank Wings of Yuri if you like the music and scanlation!

The doujin work that I’m going to recommend comes from the visual novel Aoi Shiro.

Aoi Shiro from what I gather is a yuri visual novel i.e. an interactive fiction game with a good dose of static images. Wings of Yuri have translated the story. You can go and check it out but it looks like a lot of reading! >_<

Alternatively (hehe), you can enjoy a small sweet dose of doujin manga. Available here. I’m sure I’d enjoy/appreciate the work more if I knew the Aoi Shiro story and the WHO the characters were!! Oh well. Still a good way to take the mind away for a few minutes!!

As suggested by Wings of Yuri, it’s a good idea to listen to one of the tracks from the OST while you read it! The track is titled:

Put the seashell to your ear and close your eyes’.

Now HOW can you not listen to it?? The track alone is a winner!! ^_^