Edit: Thingle! Where are you?? We need the guy’s view!!

This was one hefty episode! It was difficult to screenshot the key moments as it was very dialogue driven BUT, we finally got what we’ve been waiting for! No, Touko has not become Yumi’s petite soeur but we do get to see her real side and the past/present from her point of view.

I was a bit surprised to see such a genuine smile and gentle/shy side of Touko…but it seems that something about her family has been troubling her…


Now THIS next bit caught my attention! Touko and the president of the Drama Club! LOL I think I’ve been reading too much of Aoi Hana, aka Sweet Blue Flowers (read at MangaFox and Erica’s review)! These words flashed through my mind: school club – president – senpai – short black hair – ‘kakkoi’ – more than just friends?!?  AHAHA Sorry! Got carried away! This bit was actually quite important in revealing to us what Touko was trying to achieve by entering the election but I just couldn’t help myself?! Plus this senpai definitely seems to know how crank up the yuri! “I’ll protect you.”


In all seriousness, when I was watching this part, I was relieved to see that there was someone who understood Touko. It was almost painful to watch. She’s built this moat around her, making it difficult for anyone to approach her. However, I almost jumped out of my chair when the senpai said “be my younger sister…just forget about Yumi”!!? Luckily Touko did not agree. In any case, I liked the senpai and it was touching to see that Touko could open up to her. A deep supportive embrace…how could I not approve? ^_^


We next get a glimpse of the past from Touko’s perspective. It was a surprise and cute to see that Touko had been around Sachiko’s vacation home last summer because of Yumi! She had been worried that Yumi would be bullied by the obnoxious wealthy girls. We also get a glimpse of her 1st impression of Yumi! Not a good look!! haha


But the REAL meat to this episode must have been the confrontational ending between Yumi and Touko. I felt that Yumi was very mature and handled the situation like a real onee-sama but Touko misunderstood her and threw angry words at her. When she realises this, she breaks down in tears. As she was counting to 100, I was crossing my fingers in hope that Yumi would appear in front of her…but no we got Noriko! Still good though! Can I have one of those (referring to Noriko)?! I’ll have a friend like that any day!! Don’t cry Touko! You’ve got Noriko!!


This episode was not light hearted at all but it was very much needed for us audience to finally understand what’s going through Touko’s mind. Now I’m just hoping that Touko will find Yumi’s card in the next episode!! Or even better, Touko makes chocolates for Yumi!!! hahaha Maybe like this?!?! I WISH!! HEHE ^__________________^