marimite-ep10a“OMG!! Hearts, bubbles and love are in the air!?! hahahahaha Shimako and Noriko!! Oh my gosh! I’ve lost my mind!! HAHAHAHA”

Earth to Sleepy!! Earth to Sleepy!!


Oops…sorry…let me get back on track…hehe…this episode springs off with quite a serious tone but there were a few moments of warm fuzziness and some squealing…You’ll understand later… ^_^

In this episode, once again Noriko steps up to the spotlight! She’s very concerned about the relationship between Touko and Yumi. What a great friend! I wish we will get the chance to see her and Touko as the next Yamayurikai! Oops…getting off track AGAIN! Anyway, she’s worried that Yumi has given up on Touko. Sachiko feels the same. She’s pondering over Touko and Yumi’s problems but refrains from stepping in despite being the onee-sama. (Oh and I must agree with Thingle that I thought Sachiko looked very pretty in this episode!! ^____^)


But really, Yumi is as COOL as a cucumber! Everything’s under control. They really have nothing to worry about…


Here, it seems Yumi has matured overnight (well over a week…haha). Suddenly she’s all certain of how to handle Touko. It’s almost like she can see through Touko and know what’s she trying to do. Even Yoshino notices!! What a CUTE moment!! I approve! hehe This scene actually almost made my heart skip a beat! Must love Yoshino’s outbursts of honesty!


More importantly, it’s time for the Valentine’s day card hunt!! My FAVOURITE bit! Hehe

*1 minute later*

I give up. I was very excitingly screenshot-ing this scene (I swear I can see hearts and blushes all over the place!?! ahaha) when I realised that I was screenshot-ing EVERY DAMN SECOND!!? haha Might as well throw in a video clip instead! But not without a screenshot of the BEST bit!! haha This was very NOT Marimite like but the expressions and reactions of the Yamayurikai was priceless!! The Rosa Gigantea family always had a special spot in my heart. ^_^


Oh I LOOOOVE Noriko and Shimako!! Ahahahaha

However, at the end of the day, I would have liked to see some progress between Touko and Yumi. Grrr…well nothing to get too worked up about! Looks like episode 11 will be TOUKO show! Let’s get moving! We want to see Touko become Yumi’s petite soeur!!! Aaaaah! The DAMN WAIT!!