Edit: Okay I stuffed up. Thanks to Neo for pointing it out! I made a mistake on question 7! I have corrected this!! Have fun!

A few days ago, I mentioned that as a gesture of thanks to those who have been visiting my blog, I will give away the CD single of the Marimite season 4 ending theme song!


Below are 10 questions. All are jumbled with no chronological order and potentially covers all four seasons. In most cases, the answers would have been mentioned in an older post. Good luck finding them! If something is unclear, let me know. I’ll try to explain as long as it doesn’t give away the answer!! Hahaha

Please send your answers to my email address (yasashiisekai @ gmail.com), titled ‘Marimite Quiz’. I will then randomly select a person amongst the pool with correct answers. Deadline will be Friday 13 March! (this has been extended)

Anyway, I hope you have a bit of fun out of this! I certainly got a tad carried away when preparing this!! Ahahaha ^_____^


1) In which year was the first volume of the Marimite light novel series released in Japan? (Pff…EASY! If you get this wrong…)

2) There are 4 characters in this picture – please name them. Clue: From Season 2.


3) Which two seiyuu are singing in this song?


4) What colour and model car does Sei drive?

^____^ Another dead give away?! hahaha I’ll personally email back those who get this question wrong! They need a good whack on the head!! haha

5) What volume number of the light novel series is this book cover from?

6) Which seiyuu voiced two characters in Marimite?

7) Who are the two guests that will be appearing in the 7th web radio broadcast on 25th March?

8) Who almost slipped because of gingko nuts in the anime?

9) Which part of Marimite is this audio clip from? Name the episode, characters involved and briefly describe the scene. (Basically enough details to show me that u know where this is taken from!!)

10) Name all three seiyuu in the picture starting from far left clockwise. Please also note which characters they voice!


That’s it! I hope I didn’t make it all too difficult but then I’m guessing you must be ONE HELL OF A BIG fan if you do attempt this so granted you should know HEAPS about Marimite! Just like me!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

OOh! This was so much fun!! A PEEERFECT way to procrastinate on other things!! I hope you enjoyed it too!!

Once again, all thanks to the regular readers of my blog!!