gf11aWHAT A COW!! 

That’s what I would have said to Milk Morinaga if she was in front of me when I finished this chapter.

HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO US!!? LEAVE us hanging like that?!?! Aaaaah!

*Takes a deep breath*

Ok, I take that back. I apologize for my rudeness. Sorry. Milk Morinaga is a wonderful mangaka and I honestly appreciate the effort she has put into this series. Despite it being manga, I have found it surprisingly real and touching. Without a doubt, this was another endearing chapter of Girl Friends.

This chapter takes on a fresh turnaround – we read from Akko’s point of view. I think this is the first time we’ve seen it from her perspective but I could be wrong.

Her feelings have moved on from the initial shock and fear of Mari’s confession. At the start, she’s still trying to sort out her emotions but we can see that her heart is almost close to embracing Mari…but pauses.


In this chapter, we see Akko in pain as she watches Mari replying to her boyfriend’s messages, Mari not accepting her invite to the pool, Mari stepping aside to answer her boyfriend’s call…Akko for the first time feels the intense pain in her heart.


She eventually realises what Mari means to her…


And that’s it. That’s where Morinaga left us with until 21 March when the next chapter is released. Am I not right to have the initial urge to call her a cow?? You must have understood how I felt… =) Damn. I really like this series. Haha