aoi-miyazaki-vsnowI haven’t written one of these j-ent / gossip posts in a while…generally I’m not interested but this article caught my eye.

Aoi Miyazaki.

Surely you have heard of this name before? She is a rising star in the Japanese world of movies and dramas.

I’m sure you have seen news of her husband (yes! she’s married and she’s only 23!!) caught cheating behind her back. Apparently, she is sick and tired of his ways (not the first time he’s cheated but first time it’s caught on camera) and has moved back home. Rumour is that their marriage was not  going well to start with. The guy has temper issues and once angered would throw things around the house (geez…doesn’t that sound a bit cliche?). In the meantime, the guy is trying to reassure the media that all is going well with Aoi.

If you ask me, Aoi should just give him a kick up his ass and move on! Sounds like a loser!

I’ve never been a big fan of hers but her more recent works have made me re-focus my attention. She somehow has this way of making me going ‘WOW’ in her movies ALL the time!? haha It could be the skill of the director and storyline though. =) Anyway, her style is growing on me. I like her intellectual elegant kind of look. Nice.

Her most well-known works include:


This is the first movie I watched of hers. To be honest, despite everyone going all ‘ooh aah’ about this one, I found it kind of boring – too slow! But then my view might change if I watched it now.


Heavenly Forest

This one stars Hiroshi Tamaki from Nodame (*beams*) so that’s already a good reason to watch! j/k This movie was a tad slow but I actually enjoyed it. I don’t want to give it away but I was like “WOW” near the end. Basically about uni student Hiroshi gets to know Aoi as friends. Aoi obviously likes him but Hiroshi has his eyes on someone else. The two become good friends and then…you’ll have to watch to find out the rest. This is worth watching.

Virgin Snow

I bought this movie AGES ago but did not watch it cos the story sounded very typical and like in Heavenly Forest, she disappears…*GASP* So given the similiar storyline, this DVD was lying around for ages until I decided to watch it. Again, watch it but a little slow. The guy is quite cute too. Just a warning – clearly it’s just a personal thing that I liked it. I know four other people who watched it and their reactions were:

  • One loved it to BITS and cried – now that’s a tad extreme.
  • One thought it was ok.
  • One was like “what the heck?”
  • Another was (this girl I overheard at the DVD store before I watched it): “Don’t watch that! It’s SOOO BAD!”

LOL So – watch it at your own risk!! haha