I’ll explain the title later!~ Trust me, I’m not twisting the words here!! haha…

Some moments of this episode was pretty heavy. There was a substantial focus on Yumi’s unsettled emotions in relation to Touko – her thoughts just naturally found their way back to Touko, again and again. *sigh* The poor thing…

Is she okay? I wonder what she is doing right now?


But Yumi is a tough one! Taking Sachiko’s advice, she brings out her courage and is determined not to give up. Obviously the rest of the Yamayurikai gang is all supportive! Go Yumi!

Now back to the funny bits! We get to see all the Rose families at Sachiko’s place for a New Year’s PJ party!! haha and FEMALES ONLY!!! OOooooh!! Damn! Sei is not around or I’m sure there’ll be more mischief going on! haha Noriko, like always, says what’s on her mind…haha She’s one of my favourite characters! Hmm…hang on…is there someone I don’t like?! *thinks for 10 seconds* No. ^_^


Now THIS IS THE BEST BIT OF IT ALL!! LOL I literally SCREAMED when I saw what Sachiko said!?! hahaha For those creative fans out there, this is almost like a dream come true for doujin fans!! haha Oh well…ALMOST…Yumi just changes into a kimono. Nothing more. =P



All I can say is that it’s another great episode of Marimite!! OH and I forgot to mention that I though Yoshino and Shimako looked great in their outfits! Sachiko too! I don’t know why but I particularly liked Yoshino’s!!