GUYS!! We are only days away from chapter 19 of Girl Friends!! Well…that is, the raws will be out soon enough but we will have to wait patiently for our friends over at MakiMaki Scanlations for their wonderful translation work. So while we wait, I thought we’ll reminisce about what’s so great about Girl Friends. ^___^ Yes, I’m a fan of the manga series.

As I mentioned in the original post, I was intending to prepare a post that would highlight any key moments so far. But while I was flicking through, I realised that it’s actually very hard!! It’s hard because much of the manga focuses on little daily / ordinary things where there is no BIG WOW factor but are portrayals of what happens in reality (ok I might be stretching it JUST a little…hehe). It’s only once we’ve gone through all these small ‘doki doki’ moments that we eventually get to the BIG BANG in chapter 14!! Hehehe =P

For example:


1. Chapter 8 – this is after Mari secretly kissed Akko when she fell asleep. Mari is embarrassed and cannot bring herself to look at Akko. This disturbs Akko who eventually finds a friend to explain her worries – she thinks she pissed Mari off when she was drunk but cannot remember. She’s worried that Mari is now mad at her. Her friend basically responds promptly and says, “this isn’t as important as you made it sound in the SMS. This just sounds like a lover’s quarrel. Anyway, you guys are friends – just ask her about it. That’s what you usually do.” Though this is a dead simple conversation – I like how it planted a seed in Akko’s mind.

Why am I not behaving like I usually do?

This kind of stuff just makes me smile. ^____^ However, I must admit that too much of these tiny sprinklings can slow down the pace and bore the reader. Up till chapter 10, the story was a tad slow but still acceptable.

Now moving on, this must have been the highlight to chapter 8!


Haha! Geez! When I read this, I really felt like whacking Akko on the head!! Aaaah!!

2. Chapter 10 – another moment of reality…


Yuribou’s recent post sums up Girl Friends well…’one of the more realistic coming of age stories by Morinaga Milk with two best friends slowly and clumsily falling for each other in the cutest possible way’.

I think I am biased in my view of Girl Friends. When I was reading it, it reminded me of my friend and I. I was surprised that there were many moments that I had gone through before. Although I knew I was very attached to my friend, I never really expected those incidents to be found in a yuri manga!

Don’t worry – more Girl Friends moments to come!! Ooooh! I wonder what awaits for us!?!?!! Can’t wait!!