It’s Christmas party time! A good excuse for the gang (hardly an appropriate word for Marimite) to get together at the Rose Mansion and enjoy their teas, cakes and introductions, of course! LOL! How many times do they need to introduce themselves?! haha

Though this episode starts off with a party setting, there is of course a lot of emotions floating below the surface. There’s Rei’s nervousness in meeting Nana for the first time, Yumi watching over Touko at all times and Yoshino getting all nervous for Nana cos it’s her first time here. It was really in this episode, that we get to see more of Yumi thinking and caring for Touko. Definitely expressed more openly. I thought it was very sweet for Kanako to be so supportive of Touko. I still wonder what happened between them two!?! The details must have been left in the light novels. Oh well…let’s move on…

The first crack up was Rei’s introduction! hahaha Her and her 10 yr old boyfriend?! I think that broke the ice a little!


After Rei’s joke, things start to get a bit serious. First of all, I’m guessing that Touko’s secret has to do with her inheriting the family business. It’s kind of obvious from the anime – but if not, then that sure was a red herring!?!

Anyway, one of the real highlights was Yoshino and Yumi finding out which university their onee-sama will be attending. Rather than me trying to capture every single bloody frame (I basically did not want to miss a single line!), I figured it was just easier to extract that segment out. Yoshino x Rei’s part was fairly emotional whereas Yumi did her usual “…..EH?!?!” hahaha Like when Sachiko asked her to come to her summer house over the hols! So Yumi and Sachiko didn’t have a special moment but no need to fret! It’s coming!!! *wink*

After the little disorder, Yumi follows Touko as she leaves the mansion. Here I am quite surprised at how Yumi puts her emotions into words…it’s like she’s afraid that Touko won’t accept her…I guess she had the inkling feeling inside that Touko was going to be tough to connect to. Still, her “Am I bothering you?” was quite breathtaking in a dejected way. It’s no wonder that even Touko had to soften up in response! The same applies to when she says “Am I no good?” Here I’m like, ‘WHAT THE HECK?! NO GOOD?!!’ Luckily Touko was taken aback too otherwise I’d a bit annoyed!! I think the expressions on both their faces complemented the scene well. Have you ever seen Touko with such a soft expression?! I thought this scene was quite breathtaking!! Could hardly breathe!!!


So, of course, as you can all guess, how can things be that easy for poor Yumi!?! She gets rejected and initially she tries to withhold the pain but eventually lets go in Sachiko’s arms. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Yumi hurt so deeply. This scene really managed to express the raw disappointment and pain that Yumi felt from Touko’s rejection. D&mn Touko!! Ok, I don’t really mean that…*sigh* Well I hope Yumi manages to find the courage to try again!! I mean, to be fair, she rejected Sachiko once too! In the meantime she can use the handkerchief to wipe her tears! haha Y + S! When I saw it, I was like *SQUEAL* How cute!?! HAHAHA