Edit: Just yesterday, a fellow Marimite fan noted that the anime seem to have skipped quite sizeable parts of the novel. In particular was the volume that covered the amusement park scene. Erica had briefly translated the contents and it sounds like we’ve missed out BIG TIME!! When the producers skips parts like these…it’s just really disappointing… *SIGH*

Wow…that was one strange episode! It’s like not much happened but the whole thing went by SOOO quickly!

This episode was quite intense in displaying the emotional development between Touko and Yumi! The two were definitely the focus of this episode but we also got the chance to see glimpses of Rei x Sachiko (now who would have expected that?!) and a great Noriko moment!! More on those later! ^_^

In the below picture, I couldn’t help but crack up laughing when Touko gave her reason for not entering Yumi’s room! LOL You sometimes just cannot believe how the Japanese can get so worked up on the littlest of things!! haha And Touko was so serious!! Luckily, Yumi seems to have grown used to ignoring Touko’s wishes and just grabs her and pushes her into the room! haha ziggr from Animesuki made a hilarious point…LOL SPOT ON!!

I think Yumi grabs Touko’s hand almost as often as Sachiko straightens Yumi’s tie!!


Finally, who would’ve thought that Yumi’s mum could add so much fun!?! Just comparing Yumi’s reactions on Kashiwagi-san and Touko was PRICELESS!! Talk about no subtlety! AHAHAHA



marimite-ep6iHowever, after all that lightheartedness, the story reminds us back to Touko’s problems. The picture to the left was sad and exhibited the struggle in Touko. It was also interesting to note that Kanako and Touko seemed to have definitely grown closer. Kanako holding Touko’s hand suggested trust between them and strength. Kanako seems to know Touko’s secret…what is it?!!

Now aside from Touko and Yumi there were other good bits! First of all, it was about time we got to see the strong/cool side of Noriko again! She basically told Yumi to piss off and invite Touko herself!! AHAHAHA Well that was the attitude she expressed! hahaha Well maybe not quite ‘piss off’…haha

marimite-ep6jLast but not least, one of the most unexpected pairings in the anime…Sachiko & Rei!! I was slightly taken aback to see Sachiko embrace Rei. It’s something that definitely would not have happened in earlier seasons. Sachiko has definitely changed, thanks to Yumi! =)

My only complaint is that I want to see more of Nana and Shouko!! Boo!!

Otherwise, this was a very satisfying episode though by the last few minutes, I was swearing that it was coming to an end!! I think we’ll see Yumi confront Touko in the next episode!! *GASP* What awaits?!?!