Edit: Oops…I realised that I wasn’t very helpful and did not post a link on where people can check out Nana and Hitomi!! Thanks to Tessa, it’s available here.

DAISUKI MILK MORINAGA!! Sorry I just had to get that out!! HAHAHA

This is a series of one-shots also by Milk Morinaga’s work (the other one that I raved on before was the manga series Girl Friends). For fans of yuri you must check out her manga works – though I would advise to steer clear from her few hentai works. But that’s probably just me. I prefer just stories of cute girls with blushing and ‘doki-doki’ moments! ^_____^

If you have read Girl Friends, then you will find these characters remarkably similar. I swear Morinaga deliberately creates her character all from a basic template! Haha I can see shadows of Mari-chan everywhere! Haha

Anyway, I’m not the type that hunts down creative storylines (if you haven’t noticed already). I’m more than happy to see the same formula used over and over again. Oh well. I guess it just means that I haven’t seen enough to get tired of it yet! Haha

Here we have Nina and Hitomi who used to be best friends in junior school but they end up moving to different high schools. It is only when this happens that Nana realises she feels lonely and misses the company of Hitomi. She reminisces about their old times and we get a glimpse of their past. Nana had always assumed that they would always be together…


Over the course of four one-shots, their relationship changes from being just friends to something just a bit more… ^______^

You MUST READ THIS!!! I can’t say this more enough!!