That’s it. I got to episode 3 and I decided halfway through that it’s not for me. I couldn’t stand:

  • The long solo ramblings by both Mariya and Kanako – give me a break. It generally works but not when you do it like 5 times in one episode… Your ears just tune out… @_@
  • Use of chibi characters to throw in little inserts – OVERKILL!
  • Nose-bleeds – they managed to fit in a few in every episode and toned down to just once in episode 3! Great! We’re getting there!
  • Complete silly storyline…alaria monster?! Ok – you’ve lost me!
  • Not a fan of bullying at ALL!

mh-ep3aThe only thing that caught my attention was when Mariya’s maid asked why s/he gave her such an expensive and sentimental item – why not just lend her the spare rosary? You kind of wonder whether there’s another reason for the move. Also, the note how both their rosaries look very alike…interesting…This bit was followed by a picture of both rosaries…quite nice…

But that’s about it. Yep – basically I’m going to lose this one! Who’s planning to follow it?