This was a great episode! All about Yumi & Sachiko! YAY! For the first time, we saw the honest feelings Yumi had for Sachiko. It was no longer half hidden but open to all to see and neither was she embarrassed like she would be in the past. Good on her!! The same could be said for Sachiko but let’s focus on Yumi first.


One of the first things I loved…her jealousy!! HAHAHA I couldn’t help but laugh! BUT the more touching part was how Yumi was able to openly admit to Sachiko’s face that she was jealous of Kashiwagi-san. There was no hesitation at all. I was slightly taken aback when she said this. But it didn’t stop there! Their minutes of conversation here was probably one of my favourite parts. Affectionate and ended with an interesting point!! LOL

Sooo NOT Yumi but still v cute!

Sooo NOT Yumi but still v cute!

marimit-ep5gYumi: I was very jealous of Kashiwagi today. Because I couldn’t do anything that he did so easily. He also knew everything that I didn’t know about Onee-sama.

Sachiko: You’re so silly. There are many things that you can do in which Suguru-san can’t. For example…I want to see your smile right now. In the car, the one I wanted to hold hands with was you, Yumi. He knows more because he has known me longer, right? If that’s the case, I should be jealous of Yuuki-san.

Oh and who could forget the dozen of other small things that made us smile?? Like Sachiko arriving at the station earlier than Yumi, Sachiko looking forward to taking the train and getting lost with Yumi!?! Hahahaha…I really liked this episode!

Finally, we REALLY have to watch episode 6! From the preview it looks like there’ll be many Touko & Yumi moments! Touko eating at Yumi’s place?! WOW!

P.s. Btw, was there meant to be some meaning behind the Yumi / Millefeuille bit at the end? I was completely lost?!