YAY! My blog has branched off to another dimension of anime! I see a rise in the severity of my ‘otaku-ness’! LOL This is my first post on fan fiction. I had promised evilie and SapphiredEclipse earlier that I will make some recommendations… =) Sorry about the delay – it took me a little while cos I had to check with Erica first. She approves. ^_^

I was never interested in fan fiction until I watched Mai-Otome (yes I’m a fan of ShizNat!). I was reading Yuribou and from his blog decided to check a few out. There are some that are not bad but I will talk about those in another post. 

THIS post will be about Marimite fanfic! I haven’t read many but I’ve found some worth sharing around! What better way to start the day than to have a quick read of Marimite fanfic finished off with a big smile on the face? ^_____^

Ok, so the stories I’m going to recommend come from the “Worldshaking” Fanfic website written by Erica from Okazu. It’s a series called True Confessions which breaks down into two parts – one from Yumi’s perspective and the other from Sachiko’s – each covering three short stories. I like how they’re not just fully focused on them two – but draws in the other characters. Just to give you guys a heads up, there’s nothing explicit, ok? These stories are really just a more ‘yurified’ than the anime itself. They’re not toooo extreme. =P This and the fact that it makes references to the past happenings are why I like this batch of stories.


Now GO READ THEM!! I reckon the above picture* is a PERFECT visual summary of the stories to come! ^________^ Let me know if you find any other good ones!

Btw, these stories are all linked. I think the best way to read them is to first go through the first two stories of both the Yumi and Sachiko side. Then finish off with the 3rd stories.

True Confessions: Yumi side

True Confessions: Sachiko side

* Sorry in advance but I do not know who the creator of the picture is. If it is yours and you wish to have it taken down, please let me know.