moblog_4992691LOL Some light amusement for the day! Looks like Hitomi was at a function a few days ago and took the opportunity to take a quick pic with some of her ‘mistresses’! Her post does not say but the two other girls seem to be Kaori Shimizu (voiced Noriko in Marimite) and Mamiko Noto (Shimako from Marimite). Anyone care to confirm?? =)

As for the contents of her post…no clue…but from what I can gather, it’s just a bit of rambling…

Edit: Thanks to hashi, we have a translation! Arigato!!

Naba-sama’s post says that the pic is from a Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu live event. She says there was a live voice-recording session that ended up involving some lip-synching. And she says that Satou Rina misheard the announcement of the “live recording session” (”nama afureko”) as a “Naba recording session” (”Naba afureko”). She added that the audience was so enthusiastic she was surprised.