Just watched episode 5! Torrent is available here. Again nothing really happens but we still can’t wait to watch it, right? LOL I liked this episode. I’ve actually been a bit bored with all the waiting and I was getting a little tired with the whole ‘nothing happens’. The lack of frames in the previous two episodes also annoyed me.

BUT! The action is back! There were a good handful of squealing/LOL moments! Let’s go through some of them!

cb-ep5aFirst they give us this kawaii scene backed with some pretty ‘I’m on a distant planet’ kind of music. Then there’s the ‘jump out of nowhere’ fox scene!?! HA! When I saw this, I was like, “what??” They just want to find any random excuse to throw in a moment where Yuki-chan suddenly possesses the signature fox ears and tail! I never quite understood this Japanese fetish – BUT, I must admit that Yuuki looks kinda cute here… ^_^

cb-ep5bI also liked the part where Kana and Yuki both expose their own stash of embarrassing pictures of each other. LOL Obviously their fight/struggle puts them in a ‘slightly embarrassing situation’ causing them to be labelled as the ‘shameless couple’!! AHAHAHA For some reason, I thought there were more ‘enjoyable’ moments than usual…haha Maybe I was just in the mood. *shrug*



Aside from the moments between Kana and Yuki – our freshman Saku also provided a good couple of laughs! The poor girl! The way Kana treats her!! She’s like a puppy here! Now go FETCH!! Hahaha! Good Saku…now here’s a new toy for you! Kana-chan’s personal pillow!


I’m actually looking for the next two episodes to come. It’s actually a tad sad to know that it’s all coming to an end. *sigh* However, at the rate it’s going, it won’t be finishing until probably mid-year! 

Please let me know if there are any worthwhile yuri works on the way!! Thank YOU!



It's no wonder Kana-chan flunked her assignment!!! LOL

This is quite a breathtaking picture!

This is quite a breathtaking picture!